Delayed Developmental Milestones


Delayed developmental milestone otherwise known as global developmental delay commonly occurs in high risk infants characterized
by less gestational age,low birth weight,delayed birth cry,gestational hypertension of the mother,etc.,The baby will attain his
head control by 4 to 5 months able to crawl on fours and comes to sitting by 8 to 9 months, stand and walk by 12 to 13 months.
If these milestones are not achieved in time do not hesitate to take your precious baby to the Occupational therapist.They will
guide you how to enhance those important milestones at home itself with lots of fun to your baby.

Our therapy

Occupational therapist will guide the parent on importance of developmental milestones and will explain why the milestones should not be skipped.
The abnormal blocks hampering the developmental milestone will be carefully managed pairing with play. Sure your child will cooperate without fear of pain and attain his possible independence in motor,cognitive,perceptual,social and emotional skills.