Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by 4A’s.Autism symptoms

  • Absence of communication
  • Absence of social interaction
  • Abnormal Stereo typical behaviours
  • Absence of typical play skills

Parents can identify above mentioned signs between 1 to 2 years. In some children the development in all domains are normal and parents notice regression around 2 years.

Parents commonly notice these issues like poor cooperation to dressing, eating, haircut, nailcut, fear to sounds, difficulty with mingling with others, little or no eye contact, like to be alone, resists changes in the routine, inappropriate fear and no fear on dangers, does not respond to commands, spinning toys etc.,, Immediate intervention from occupational therapy will help in recovering to the possible extent.

Our therapy

Occupational therapist will help you in handling the sensory integrative dysfunction and thereby promoting the child’s essential play skills, socialization and communication skills